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Home & Business Security & Cameras

We offer monitored home security systems for your home or business made easy.  You always have the assurance that the police will be contacted if your property is burglarized. We will customize the system to your needs.

Nothing can substitute the peace of mind you have knowing that your home, your family, and your property are safe. That's why Epic Tek offers full design and installation of security camera systems. We have several solutions for any budget, so you can feel comforted knowing your property is being monitored 24 hours a day.





Low Voltage Prewiring

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, stages of building a new home is pre-wiring for technology. Epic Tek can help you make the best pre-wiring decisions to "future-proof" your property. With ever changing technology available, smart pre-wiring will prevent tearing out drywall to install wiring in the future. Pre-wiring during this early stage of building a home allows for maximum flexibility, and minimal future wiring and construction, throughout the house, no matter what you may want immediately, or down the road.


Low Voltage Cabling

Technology changes fast and keeping up with the current industry trends can be difficult. At Epic Tek we design and install everything from copper to fiber. Whether you are in need of audio, data, phone, or video - we cover it all. We will walk you through the confusion and provide all the alternatives to help fit budget constraints. Understanding the capacity and needs of our society's ever-growing thirst for data and internet usage, we use the highest quality cable to ensure that thirst is quenched.

Smart Home & Automation

What is a Smart Home? Smart Home Technology streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home, offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and 

convenience. Imagine being able to easily control all the technology in your house, at the touch of a button. Home automation technology will make your life easier, while helping you reduce energy costs.

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