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Business Alarms 

We offer alarm monitoring for your business. Easily arm/disarm your panel from the convenience of an app on your phone. See when your employees first arrive to work and when they leave. Of course in the event of a break in the police will be contacted. 

alarm panel.jpg

 Security Cameras

We offer multiple video surveillance options for your business.   Cameras provide a visible deterrent to theft and vandalism, while providing you the ability to monitor your business in real time from anywhere in the world. We will help you custom design a system within in your budget that gives you piece of mind. 






Low Voltage Cabling

Technology changes fast and keeping up with the current industry trends can be difficult. At Epic Tek we design and install everything from copper to fiber. Whether you are in need of audio, data, phone, or video - we cover it all. We will walk you through the confusion and provide all the alternatives to help fit budget constraints. Understanding the capacity and needs of our society's ever-growing thirst for data and internet usage, we use the highest quality cable to ensure that thirst is quenched.

Access control

Access  Control allows you to monitor the flow in and out of your business without the need for physical keys. This is critical to your ability to maintain a safe work environment. You can simply deactivate an employees access card upon termination or grant visitors access to  the building from your office. You can also limit employee access to certain locations and at specific times.

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