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There are 2 ways you can connect your property to the RTCC!!!!

Crime Cameras

crime cam blue_edited.jpg

You can purchase a Crime Camera to be installed at a pole location of your choosing. Put some outside your business to deter criminals from your property and make your customers more at ease. Place one near your church to make your congregation feel safer when they come to worship. Add one in your neighborhood, because kids should be able to play outside. You can also sponsor a camera in a critical need area. Every camera extends the network and adds critical video footage to combat crime.

We are very proud to partner with SafeCam to make New Orleans safer. Safecam Platinum is an exciting 

 opportunity to connect your home or business with the City of New Orleans by sharing your public-facing security camera footage directly with the Real Time Crime Center! Participating in SafeCam Platinum allows you to play a role in public safety and allows you to share video footage of your property directly with first responders in REAL time.


The Real Time Crime Center is a state-of-the-art facility operating under the New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness that leverages  technology to enhance coordination, provide critical information to first  responders in the field, and assist with investigations of criminal activity or other quality of life concerns such as severe weather-related hazards and potential street flooding.

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